AVG Managed Workplace 9.0 Now Available

Award-winning RMM platform now greatly simplifies management of mixed Windows®/Mac® networks

Experience a Live Demo and Q&A with an RMM Expert

Find out what we mean by our tagline, "See All. Manage All. Service All."

Agentless iOS® Monitoring and Management

Provision new iOS devices in a few clicks to better protect customer and corporate data


Remote Monitoring & Management Software for IT Service Providers

AVG Managed Workplace® (formerly Level Platforms Managed Workplace) is a comprehensive next generation remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform deployed by thousands of managed services providers (MSPs) around the world.

Our hybrid agentless cloud based platform monitors and manages all local and cloud IT infrastructure and applications, including the full range of mobile devices, from a single unified web-based dashboard with powerful automation and collaboration features to help manage the end-to-end IT user experience for all of the MSP's customers. Fully integrated NOC and Help Desk Services help MSPs seamlessly and economically scale their business to deliver new technology and competitive opportunities for their customers.

  • Product Features
    See how our unique agentless platform and deep ecosystem integration has become the new MSP standard.
  • Partner Success
    Learn how our Partners use AVG Managed Workplace to generate new revenue and lower costs.

Live Product Demonstration

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Learn about AVG Managed Workplace's comprehensive monitoring, alerting, remediation, automation and reporting features in a Live Demo.

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Live Webinar

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Learn about the industry's first deep integration between an RMM platform and AVG CloudCare™.

We'll show you how the AVG CloudCare Service Module for AVG Managed Workplace empowers MSPs to:

  • view and manage devices with AVG CloudCare from the AVG Managed Workplace Service Center
  • receive real-time alerts and perform remote remediation with unparalled efficiency
  • identify and eliminate threats at the multi-site, site, or device leve

Followed by live Q&A

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